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November 15, 2003

Flu Shot

In the fall of 1999, I got the flu.

A team of specialist gnomes took strategic positions thoughout my body. Each gnome had a jackhammer, and worked non-stop and with admirable conviction to deliver as much pain as possible, for about four and 1/2 days.

On day two, I called a nurse. Should I come in?

"No. Sometimes there is joint pain," she said simply.

Ah, yes—joint pain. The conversation was over in 4 seconds. The gnomes put their hats back on, and continued working.

I also got an ear infection that really bugged me for about two months, particularly on airline trips, on the descent.

So reading this article made me decide to get a flu shot, for the first time:

SAN JOSE — An unusually high number of fall flu cases in Northern California has some doctors and public officials worried that a particularly nasty influenza bug is preparing to make plenty of people sick come winter...more

I cost $52 for the immunization at the Palo Alto Medical Foundation. I couldn't even feel the shot.

Posted by tplambeck at 11:33 PM

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