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August 28, 2004

The Little Drum Major

35 second MPG, 3.1Mb

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E is for Effort

"But I worked really really hard! Honest!" (via graham).

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Cubism brought home

Turn your digital photos into Picasso masterpieces.

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Edge Interviews

My next door neighbor (but one) was interviewed on the subject of the anthropic landscape of 21st century physics.

If you liked that, here's a more recent one that's even more interesting.

Prior to getting to know Lenny, I considered myself the strongest mathematician and physicist within 100 feet of my house. After getting to know him, I simply reduced the radius of interest to 50 feet.

Then the house right next door was sold (scroll down to 16 August 2003), and two physicists moved in. I had to reduce the radius to 15 feet.

"You forgot about your kids," commented Steve Norman.

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First Day of School


Previous years: 2003 2002.

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Cousin Liz

Since I'm enumerating cousins, here's a reprise for Liz, from the archives.

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Cousin Stefan

My cousin Stefan Plambeck & Sharon Arad in the new kitchen.


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