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December 06, 2004


An inquiry into whether or not 1000009 is a prime number, by Leonhard Euler.

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At the Economist

Has an inventor found the hardest possible simple sliding-block puzzle?

Updated 13 Dec 2004: No, says Ed Pegg.

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Joke over breakfast

COLE: I know someone who thinks he is an owl.


COLE: Now there are two.

THANE: Ha. That's actually a good one.

OWEN: (a 1st grader, listening to the previous conversation) Kids in my classroom—sometimes they don't get jokes like that.

THANE: Tell it to your teacher, maybe.


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Paly JV


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September 12: Shoot terrorists with imprecise weapons, causing unavoidable civilian casualties.


From a review in the Winter 2004 Amnesty International magazine (pg 05) by Carin Zissis:

The wails of veiled women rising from a bombed out Muslim village make playing the video game "September 12" disturbing rather than fun—but that's the point [...] players must try to shoot down terrorists with an imprecise weapon that will frustrate hardcore gamers, but the unavoidable civilian casualties are very much intentional [...] even as a player strikes a terrorist, civilians mourning innocent casualities turn into terrorists. The player can't lose—but can't win either.
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Another one

MLK mugshot, 1956.

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Rosa Parks

Mugshot at the Smoking Gun.

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