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December 20, 2004

Best $0.99 I ever spent

This little baby slices right through even the most irritatingly resistive CD wrappers.


You push the CD edge into the little thing under the "tower.com," and it exposes a little knife that rips right through everything.

Push it hard, and ENJOY

Posted by tplambeck at 11:39 PM

A problem in Google-based historical tech etymology

Locate the first online use of the term distro, referring to a version of a software distribution.

I don't think I had ever heard the term, up to 1995 or so. But I'm no expert. The Google groups may be the place to start

Posted by tplambeck at 05:06 PM

Scared of Santa photo gallery



Posted by tplambeck at 04:51 PM

Symmetry 454

The Symmetry454 Calendar is a perpetual solar calendar that conserves the traditional 7-day week, has symmetrical equal quarters, and starts every month on Monday.

I thought—I wonder how much vacation you get? Seems like an important question.

Posted by tplambeck at 03:56 PM

Fifteen months of no TV

It's been about 15 months since I hauled our TV to the dump.


I can highly recommend not having a TV. Our kids don't miss it at all. And it's not like we never see TV, anyway—TV is everywhere. It's nice to not have the option to change a channel. And when you see a really nice TV, say a large screen plasma at someone else's house, it's a real treat, not a mesmerizing, ever-present distraction. Today's high definition televisions are beautiful to watch occasionally.

I wish TV's occurred in the environment about as frequently as a full moon. It's always nice to point out a nice full moon to someone—hey, look at that! Both people then enjoy the sight for a few moments, and move on, since a full moon is just a full moon, after all.

Having a TV in your house is like having a loud, unpleasant roommate. Or maybe taking care of someone else's yip-yap dog.

Posted by tplambeck at 12:09 AM

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