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February 13, 2005

A 9V battery's worst nightmare


This gizmo—which I use to tune three violins—will faithfully register whether the latest dog bark, door closing, or telephone ring in its vicinity is 50 cents off an F sharp for hours on end, until its battery dies.

Attaching the note doesn't seem to help. I can't remember to turn it off.

Posted by tplambeck at 11:20 PM

"Come see our Einstein books," suggests the PUP

Well, okay.

Buno has quite a few of the "Collected Papers" volumes. I think he told me they were given to him by a thankful venture capitalist after Numerical Technologies went to its IPO.

"Thanks a million."

Posted by tplambeck at 10:38 PM

Japanese Folk Song [Kojo No Tsuki]

click me

From an Amazon review:

There's the smoky 16-minute groove of "Kojo No Tsuki" which never seems to get repetitive...

Yup. There's almost no melody in that "japanese folk song."

But that's no problemo, if you happen to be Theolonius.

Posted by tplambeck at 10:26 PM

Telegraph Avenue, Berkeley


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Telegraph Avenue, Berkeley


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I-80 Eastbound, San Francisco


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