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March 13, 2005

A word I've been hearing


Huh? I heard it first at morning basketball. Then on the plane to Nebraska, and then again at the basketball tournament.

I thought people were saying "pyrometrics." Since the context of these overheard conversations always had something to do with physical fitness, a subject which for me signifies the inevitable decay of the body over time in its well-known, anniversarial fashion, I thought yes, "pyrometrics"—yes, I know that, the science of counting birthday candles.

But no, it has to do with weight lifting.

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How to have an out-of-body experience


I like the helpful illustrations (scroll down a bit).

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Nebraska Boys' High School Basketball tournament

I just came back from watching approximately 18 games of the Nebraska high school boys' basketball state tournament at the Bob Devaney Sports Center in Lincoln, Nebraska (three days; six games per day). My dad got an award (Flickr photostream) at halftime of one game, on Saturday night.

Quite a few high school girls were there (naturally), and in many of them I recognized a certain look that was familiar somehow—long, blonde, and straight hair about shoulder length, with a shiny, almost metalic sheen; eye shadow a bit overdone; overly prim bearing. I wasn't sure where I had seen it before.

On the flight back this morning I thought of it: the Paris Hilton look.

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frozen sea on Mars


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via puzzlers.org

congratulations to mosaic

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