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September 15, 2006

Mega Millions outcome

My numbers (a computerized "Quick Pick"—in buying my lottery ticket, I think of them as determined by a robust, statistically satisfying randomization algorithm in some unknown, even unknowable computer, itself hermetically sealed in a cleanroom somewhere in Southern California, perhaps in a simple office located behind a tanning salon in Orange county, or (more likely) enigmatically positioned in a corporate headquarters lab in a protected box, a bit like Schroedinger's cat in its uncertain relation to the future—a future that will reveal the "right" numbers just as the radioactive decay event happens, the poison vial is broken open, and the cat dies, and along with it, the just audible "poofing" sound of my $1.00 tipping into the coffers of the lottery beast, and my fervent hopes for MEGAMILLIONS, well,—vanished—)

Anyway: my numbers:

2 12 20 24 46 45=mega

Winning numbers:

6 26 33 39 55 1=mega

OK—it hasn't worked out as I hoped. I'll admit it. Do I still have to take the appropriate "Care for Tickets" with my ticket? You know, Do not deface, Do not iron, Avoid heat, and Keep dry? Come to think of it, those are good prescriptions to live by in general.

Maybe I'll keep the ticket as a reminder.

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Google mail loader

1) The Google Mail Loader is golden. I identified all the mail I wanted to save from Thunderbird, and the GML thingy systematically forwarded it to my gmail account at the rate of one email message every two seconds. Once in gmail, my email has taken on a suddenly utility it lacked before (ie, I can find stuff!). I was a little worried that GML wasn't going to work well when I saw its misspelling

Mail I Recieved (Goes to Inbox)

glaring out at me on the default screen just as I started it up, but other than that, it's a dream. Soon I'll be switching over to gmail.com and not losing all my old mail, which occupies only 5% of the gmail storage maximum. There were a few problems with big attachments. For the record, the path to individual folders in Thunderbird (for me, suitable for selection in the GML thingy) is

Documents and Settings/
Application Data/
...then the name of the folder (with no extension), here...

Maybe that will help somebody. It caused me some grief to find it.

2) Looks like I'm not going to take delivery of the HAYDNCHIP until Monday. They had to cut out the string trios to make it all fit inside 4G (which is actually 3.8G when the chip is set up to store data).

3) Bought a lottery ticket for the $165 million MegaMillions draw in less than one hour (I think). I saw a kid catch a straw in an unlikely way as I went into 7-11 to buy a Diet Coke, and considered that to be a good omen. I'm not superstitious—I don't believe in that kind of stuff, but I hear it works even if you're not superstitious. [joke credit: Dan Ullman]

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