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March 06, 2007

Once more into the Mega Millions Lotto breach

My lotto ticket tells me it's National Problem Gambling Awareness Week.

It coincides with tonight's $360+ million jackpot.

I visited the web site and found this 30 second radio advertising script:

* * *
The game is just a game, it's how you play that makes the difference.
It's true for all types of games -- including gambling. If someone you
know is gambling for more than fun, they may have a problem.
Warning signs include:
Being preoccupied with gambling,
gambling to escape, and
lying to cover up gambling.
If this sounds like someone you know, call the problem gambling help line at
1-800-522-4700. Treatment is confidential and it works.
* * *

Hey—gambling is only a problem if you lose. And I'm not doing this for "fun." What fun is there in buying a lotto ticket? It's just a piece of paper. No sir—I'm in this drawing for one purpose, and that is to WIN. The biggest "problem" I've had is picking the wrong numbers. Or in trusting computers to pick the right ones (they don't, in my experience). But that's all in the past. And I don't plan to lose this week—oh no. I'm confident in my set of numbers, and in my MEGA number, which is 2. You should probably write that down, like this:

The 6 March 2007 Mega Number will be TWO.

Just trying to help. This time I'm not going to tell everyone my other numbers, because I'm confident I've got a winner here, and if you pick them too, well, that just means we'll have to share the jackpot. Don't even bother—after I win, there will be plenty of money to go around, and I'll be sharing it liberally with the readers of my blog.

There was a bit of a misunderstanding last time, when my numbers were not drawn, but that's all forgiven.

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Black Goldfish, GuangZhou Zoo

Originally uploaded by chi liu.
The Intelligent Designer omitted a brain case for this fish I guess.
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