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October 31, 2007

James Webb Space Telescope

A Team Purple operative is working on the software for the James Webb Space Telescope. It's to be launched in June 2013 according to this page.

James Webb Space Telescope
Klingon cruiser or Hubble successor?

THANE: When's a good time to come down and see the telescope? You're still working on it, right?

PURPLE OPERATIVE: Yes. It does not yet exist. We do have a full scale test article of the sunshield. They are practicing folding it. Not that exciting. There is a full scale model that travels around, but it's packed up right now. There really won't be hardware to see for 3-4 years.

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Chinese Lead

Now it turns out that there's lead in Chinese-made Ugly Teeth.

Where's the fun in that?

Anyway, I have a question about all this Chinese lead.

Isn't lead a sort-of valuable metal? I just checked, and the price of lead per pound (about $1.67) is more than the price of aluminum ($1.13). [Source: Kitco Metals.]

Admittedly, lead can't hold a candle to nickel ($14.37), but it does hold up well against zinc ($1.26).

So—who's the Chinese guy who says, "Hey mac—throw some lead into those Ugly Teeth, and then ship it" (?). Wouldn't it be simpler (and cheaper) to just not throw in the lead?

Maybe lead is hard to get out of the constituents of paint?

And what's paint made out of, anyway?

I'm clueless, as usual.

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California Rocks

California Rocks
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