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February 14, 2008

Waiting for flight to Boston

1) T-Mobile Hotspot, $9.99 one day pass. Maybe I should subscribe.

2) Chairs paired like this make it unpleasant to sit next to someone you're not planning to talk to:

Chairs at an angle, SFO

3) Subway sandwich place: busy. Customers in line bugged by AngryMan who asked for three sandwiches to be remade. ("No-no-no!" he groaned, "Don't make it like THAT!"). "Perhaps he should work behind the counter," I suggested, quietly, to no one in particular, and the woman behind me started to laugh a little louder than I'd hoped. It drew the attention of AngryMan—"what's so funny?" "Nothing," the woman said, defiantly. I pretended to be part of the airport scenery, distracted by my cellphone. Somehow I find myself in these type of strangely escalating situations more often than I care for. I recall the encounter with guy in Yosemite: "Is there some sort of Problem, here?" he asked. "That's right, I'm Your Problem," I imagined myself saying. "You Got a Problem with This Problem?" Seem to be plenty of AngryMen around.

4) American Airlines > United Airlines. It's taken me too long to realize this. Shorter line, quick checkin.

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