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September 13, 2008

Election quiz

To the student—Study, and describe the pattern.

1) (2008) McCain vs Obama. I prefer Obama.
2) (2004) Bush vs Kerry. I preferred Kerry.
3) (2000) Bush vs Gore. I preferred Gore.
4) (1996) Clinton vs Dole. I preferred Nader.
5) (1992) Clinton vs Bush the First. I preferred Clinton. I threw a big party.
6) (1988) Bush the First versus Dukakis. I preferred Dukakis.
7) (1984) Reagan vs Mondale. Well, I preferred Mondale.
8) (1980) Reagan vs Carter. I preferred Carter.
9) (1976) Carter vs Ford. I preferred Ford, but I was young and stupid.
10) (1972) Nixon vs McGovern. I yelled "Nixon, Nixon, he's our man!" on the playground, but was even younger, and even stupider.
12) (1968) Nixon vs Humphrey. Only 7 years old, but who knows

Looking farther back, I like Adlai Stevenson, and maybe even Herbert Hoover against FDR in the first term.


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Appointment with Ike

1) I'm flying into Chicago Sunday (ie tomorrow) night. This morning, it looked like Ike was on his way there too, but I just checked again and it looks like we might not cross paths after all:


How much blowing is left in a hurricane after it hits south Texas, cuts across Arkansas and Missouri, then plods north up into Illinois? They even show the thing threatening Newfoundland by Monday night!

2) David Foster Wallace committed suicide. I've recommended an essay he wrote on tennis to several people with a greater interest in that subject (ie tennis) than I have, always prefacing my suggestion hopefully with "Have you heard of the writer David Foster Wallace?" Even though the answer was always "No," I'd press on with the recommendation. I don't even recall what book it's in (if it was a book). I have it as a photocopy. And yes, you should read it. If you can find it, that is.

3) Saturday NYT crossword reinkings. I don't have it in front of me to take a photo, and in any case I don't think I quite finished it. There was a 15-letter answer running right across the equator of the puzzle reading something like Bond film with Olga Kurylenko as the girl. With precious few crossings and almost no knowledge of .007 films, I wrote in


but that's not quite the name of that movie (they didn't call it "Two"), and it's not correct anyway. The answer was


which I'd never heard of.

So, an ugly streak of reinkings ran right across the abdomen of this puzzle like a botched biker's tattoo.

It wasn't pretty.

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